SCALIQ is a psychometric research and development institute. Our main research focus is giftedness and education.

The first step in the path to better research about giftedness and to more suitable education for gifted learners is early and proper identification of gifted children. To that end we develop psychometric instruments: IQ-tests and tools designed for people with an above average IQ. Tests which allow a gifted person to really shine. That measure intelligence, not circumstances. That take into account challenges that follow from AD(H)D, ASS, dyslexia or fear of failure. And: that are fun to take!

Examples of products we developed are:

  • The KIQT+: the first intelligence test specially designed for children from 5 to 10 years of age with an above average intelligence, in which Item Response Theory is used to calculate scores based not only on how many, but also on which  specific questions are answered correctly.

  • The ZOOV+: an online, fully adaptive, group administered test to help identify intellectually gifted students in primary and secundary education.

  • The ORP+: a tool for educators and gifted specialists, with which it is possible to visualise the cognitive development of gifted children compared to that of their classmates. It can help with decisions about gifted interventions like pull-out programs and/or (radical) accelleration.

Our main goal in everything we do is to help gifted learners thrive.


SCALIQ was created when various experts in the field of gifted learners looked critically at the range of existing intelligence tests, and how appropriate those were for individuals with an above-average intelligence. Their conclusion? There was definately room for improvement! So they decided to take matters into their own hands and start developing IQ tests.

They were supported in this by an advisory board consisting of some of the best experts in the field in the Netherlands and Belgium: Mia Frumau (PPF Center for High Development Potential), Lisanne van Nijnatten (Praktijk De Blik), Eveline Eulderink & Yvonne Buijsen (Praktijk Hoogbegaafd), Barbara van der Waarde (Orthopedagogie van Waarde), Tania Gevaert (Growing Smarter Together), Annelie Neuteboom (Sherpa), Geke Maes (Gekend Talent) and Marijse van der Aar (Smart Senses). In the field of psychometric development they were assisted by Dr. Dave Hessen from Utrecht University.

"An IQ test or a portion of such a test is only useful for the assessment of giftedness
to the extent that it measures g."

- Linda Kreger Silverman


developed especially for 5 to 10 year old
(highly) gifted children

The KIQT+, or Kinder IQ Test + (Children's IQ Test Plus), is made for presumebly (highly) gifted children 5 to 10 years old (up to the day before their 11th Birthday). The range of this test is an IQ of 105-170 and it's highest reliability lies well within the highly gifted range, while other tests' highest reliabilities lie mostly within the average range (IQ 85-115).

And, not unimportantly: the KIQT+ is a lot of fun to take!

What makes the KIQT+ different from other intelligence tests:

  • Reliable measure of intelligence (g) up to an IQ of 170.
  • A good fit for children from all cultural backgrounds, including non-native speakers.
  • Well suited for children with AD(H)D, ASS, hearing difficulties, colorblindness, dyslexia and dyscalculia, or children who deal with fear of failure, perfectionism or difficulties with time pressured assignments.
  • Takes into account that gifted children are prone to more complex thinking.
  • Less emphasis on abilities that are dependant on upbringing and cultural background, like vocabulary or common knowledge.

Would you like to know more about the development and (scientific) background of the KIQT+? Please read our whitepaper. It is written in such a way that a scientific and/or testing background is not necessary to read and understand it.  

The norming process of the KIQT+ was completed in 2021, as a result of which we now know for sure that we have developed a high-quality, reliable and appropriate test. The KIQT+ is for sale via this website (currently only within the Netherlands and Belgium).

Are you looking for a psychologist for intelligence testing with the KIQT+? Check out this map that shows which practices work with the KIQT+.

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